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Did you know that the weather could affect people’s moods? Most people will understand how sometimes rain can break your spirit, and a warm, sunny day can raise them right again. But for some the effect of time can be much more serious.

S.a.d or seasonal affective disorder affects about half a million people in Europe, with numbers increasing each year. It is a mood disorder, in particular relating to winter months and some health experts believe that this is down to the number of daylight hours is less than that of the summer.

Unfortunately often sufferers diagnosed for many years and is not recognized until consecutive attacks of illness for a period if several winters each with identical or similar symptoms. Recognize these symptoms can help sufferers to seek treatment.

The symptoms of Sad can be a combination of these factors may include-

Disturbed sleep-sleep more than usual, finding it hard to wake up or wake up early in the morning and be weary of prime time.

Anxiety-feeling anxious and able to do well under pressure or tolerate stressful situations.

Lethargy-feel tired and restless, often being unable to carry out daily activities.

Sudden mood changes-bass or treble can occur in some patients.

Loss of Libido and disinterest-social intimacy and physical contact can lose interest for the sick, not wanting any closeness with friends or partners. This can also be seen that reflected in social behavioural changes i.e. not wanting to mix in social circles with friends, loss of interest in getting out and interacting with others.

Habits-eating habits can change dramatically from the norm, either over or under eating can become a problem with sudden weight loss or gain.

S.a.d treatment varies for each health authority, the complexity of the symptoms and severity of the disease. Many people ignore the symptoms and consult the doctor, while some people chose to go to warmer climates during the winter months. Expensive trip however is not an option for many sufferers and medical care is often necessary.

Mood disorders experts have shown that one of the most effective ways to help alleviate the symptoms of SAD is through light therapy, this is usually in the shape of a box containing a very powerful and light, patients can sit up to 1-2 hours a day and let the light penetrate their eyes. These lighting systems can be purchased to treat for domestic use.

However, some health authorities do not use light therapy as a treatment for the disease, and other treatments are recommended. Non-sedating Antidepressants can help control moods and help relieve the symptoms, while for others the advice is a good option. Sufferers do not always require the same treatment so it is always advisable to consult your doctor for a full diagnosis and prescribed the right medicine.

If you have doubts or are sick of s.a.d you may find some of the following links of interest.

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