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5 Reasons why babysitter must undergo CPR training

Children, babies and infants tend to be considered dependent, active, immature, helpless, highly accident prone and naughty, i.e. are smaller that need lots of attention and care. They are young and don’t know the dangers that could represent the basic things around them. And they need to be constantly monitored and cared for. So baby sitters, regardless of how many guys fail or how many hours you work, should undergo training for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

CPR is an emergency procedure done on people suffering from heart attacks or sudden heart stop. When the heart stops beating, the body is deprived of oxygen which can be very fatal for the brain. The procedure to resume the flow of blood and brain functioning during emergency conditions, until professional help arrives. The top 5 reasons why babysitters should consider this course are listed below.

• Baby sitter plays the role of a caregiver. Becoming a caregiver, a person is responsible for providing care and well-being of another person or group of people. As a childminder, you would be responsible for the welfare of children who cannot care for themselves.

• Children get into trouble. Guys get in trouble for very often don’t understand the environmental dangers posed to them. Although adults, being very attentive and alert, may accidentally drown in water, or smother themselves by swallowing anything too small or stifle themselves with a plastic bag or stifle themselves without knowing it. The babysitter needs to not only be constantly alert but should also be equipped to deal with such incidents. Such accidents can cut off the air supply to their little bodies, putting their hearts and brains.

• Medical emergencies are unpredictable. Emergency situations can arise any time. And one must be even more careful when the situation involves children. Within seconds, a seemingly harmless situation can become a medical emergency.

• Medical help takes time to arrive. Even adults need medical assistance. Especially during heart attacks or stroke, when the most vital organ of the body stops functioning, it is important for someone with experience and trained to provide CPR, to allow blood flow resumes and let the brain function. With children, freak accidents can occur at any time. The babysitter is the only mind that wait to know how to perform CPR.

• Helping people in need is a duty. It could just be the child, but sometimes adults can be in any unfortunate medical emergencies. This leaves the babysitter as only “adult” of the situation. Therefore, knowledge of CPR benefits all people in the situation.

If you’re a babysitter or noting that becomes, you should consider undergoing CPR training. There are many options available with conducted training courses online and offline. Knowledge of the operation of the course will not only help your work as a baby-sitter, but will also help to keep your neighbors, relatives and people in need.

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