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How to reduce cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is required for a healthy body. Is a fat that is produced by the liver and is in the outer layer of every cell of our bodies means that we all have a cholesterol level. Good cholesterol also helps in the production of bile. Bile is produced by the liver and helps digestion of fats in the small intestine.

The danger is when these levels become too high, they represent a great danger for our arteries, our heart and overall health.

Dangers of high cholesterol
A high cholesterol level can cause the arteries to narrow the meaning which, due to limited blood flow increased risk of heart disease due to the limited supply of oxygen and blood to the heart. This can cause a heart attack, stroke and angina.

So how can you reduce your cholesterol?
One way is to watch your diet and, if necessary, make changes to the food that you eat and what you drink intake. Avoid foods that contain fat villains such as burgers and whatnot. Eating healthy will lower cholesterol and lose weight at the same time that will begin to lower the pressure on the heart. The result is a better score of BMI and that it will help your overall health while steering from obesity

So what food should be eaten?

A good food to eat is fish. Fish oil supplements contain assisting as dietary fats that directly target high triglycerides and cholesterol good. These fish also good oils to help dilute the blood by reducing the chance of blood clots.

Oat bran is another good food to eat as is a great source of soluble fiber that helps people absorb excess cholesterol in the intestinal track and removes it from the body as waste. Studies have shown that individuals who regularly eat oat bran lowers cholesterol levels.

Other foods that are rich in soluble fiber, apples, barley grains and dried beans cooked.

Garlic is another food that studies have shown that lowering cholesterol reduces unhealthy blood fats. Garlic, a relative of the onion, it’s also a convenient way to include in a wide variety of dishes, making it easy to eat it.

Red wine has also been linked with increasing good cholesterol due to flavenoids that contains, which is very similar to cocoa in dark chocolate. These flavenoids are natural antioxidants that protect the various cells in our body from oxidants. You should also be aware that these flavenoids are also found in beans, apples and apricots and their natural juice.

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